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Witness shows pop-up 'toast' notifications from real people who buy courses on your Teachable school.

Teachable Purple Hippo Academy showing Witness toast notification

Effortless Integration

Seamless Connection: Witness syncs directly through the Teachable App Hub.

Quick Setup: Just a single copy-paste action, and you're all set!

Create FOMO to encourage sales

Customers to your website will be more likely to enrol or purchase after seeing notifications of other like-minded people doing the same.

Take advantage of our free 14-day trial period with no credit card required.

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Mobile Friendly and Customisable

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    Easy to set up

    Automatic integration with your Teachable school using the App Hub, simply copy and paste the hash into the Teachable hash field and you'll be showing popups on your site after your first few new sales.

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    Settings and Management

    We give you the ability to disable mobile popups as well as ensuring you can anonymise a specific customer's purchases without impacting your ability to show legitimate purchases.

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    Use Witness on Squarespace or WordPress

    By embedding a script tag in the <head> section of your website, you can display notifications from your Teachable events on your blog or company site. This integration will not affect the notifications shown on your Teachable sales pages.

    WordPress plugin available.

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